Public Offer (tripartite)

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1.The meaning of this public offer

1.1. Within the scope of this public offer (hereinafter referred to as "offer"), "Y2C" LLC, represented by the General Director Pavel Ivanovich Chekcheev, acting under the statute, hereinafter referred to as "the Company", hereby offers to natural persons and legal entities, hereinafter referred to as "initiators" (donees) and "donors", collectively known as "parties", to enter a tripartite voluntary donation agreement for the implementation of charitable projects published on the YesYou.Care website at the following terms:

1.2. The offer is a public offer, in accordance with item 2 of article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

1.3. The offer comes into effect the next day after the publication of the offer on the website YesYou.Care.

1.4. The offer is unlimited. The company has the right to withdraw the offer at any time without any explanation of reasons by means of a notice of cancellation of the offer.

1.5. The offer can be amended and supplemented, becoming valid the next day after its publication on the portal.

1.6. The invalidity of one or more conditions of the offer does not invalidate all other conditions of the offer.

1.7.A user agreement published on the website YesYou.Care forms an integral part of this offer.

1.8. Moscow, Russian Federation is the place of publication of the offer.

2. Basic Contract Terms

2.1. The company offers the initiator the right and the technical possibility of publishing information on the charity campaign needed for its realization on the information resource of the Society (hereinafter - Portal) on the Internet at: YesYou.Care.

2.2.The dissemination of information about a fundraising project is effected by the publication of information provided by the company on the portal.

2.3. The dissemination of information on a fundraising project by the company does not constitute a legal relationship arising between the initiator and the donor. The initiator independently and fully assumes the responsibility before donors and others, i.a. for the non-fulfilment or improper fulfilment of obligations and activities related to the implementation of charitable projects in accordance with § 3.2 of the offer.

2.4. In his own name and at his own expense, the donor hands over his own funds in the form of a voluntary donation to the company acting as the donor's agent; the company accepts the donation and transfers it to the initiator selected by the donor. The actual donation will be effected by the Company.

Donor's action under this agreement is recognized as a donation in accordance with article 582 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

2.5. The donation amount is determined by the donor independently. In the event that the donor is a legal entity and the amount of the donation exceeds 3000 (three thousand) roubles, the parties have to submit a completed and signed application for participating in the offer to the company. The Application Form for participating in the offer can be found on the YesYou.Care website.

2.6. Purpose of the donation: Implementation of charity projects published on the website YesYou.Care, subject to the selection by the donor.

2.7. The initiators, who have received a donation from the donor, are responsible for the intended use of this donation and assume all obligations within the meaning of the legislation of the Russian Federation concerning the provision of information regarding the use of the donation.

2.8. The donor waives any claims against the company, including the reclaim of the donation. The company is obliged to submit any donor-related complaints directly to the initiator.

2.9. Donation amounts in favour of the initiator are transferred via the portal by the Company.

2.10. For the order processing under this contract, the initiator, according to the user agreement, must pay a fee of 10% of the total donation amount to the company.

2.11. The initiator receives the donation and undertakes to use it for the purposes of this contract and the valid donation project.

3. Contracting procedure

3.1. The contract is concluded by the acceptance of the offer by the parties.

3.2. The offer can be accepted by the initiator by applying for a fundraising campaign and publishing it on the YesYou.Care website.

3.3. The offer can be accepted by the donor by transferring funds in favour of a donation project by means of a payment order to the bank account specified in article 5 of the offer. The project name shall be entered in the line: "Purpose". Payment can be made by using payment terminals, plastic cards, electronic payment systems and other means and systems that allow the donor to transfer funds. The execution of one of these actions by the donor within the meaning of this article of the offer is considered as the acceptance of the offer, according to item 3 of article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

3.4. The date of acceptance of the offer and accordingly the contract closing date, is the date of the monetary entrance on the bank account of the company, and the contract closing date for the initiator is the date of publication of the project on the portal.

3.5. If possible, the company checks whether the donation project related information complies with the conditions of participation. In case of any discrepancies of the provided information with the specified requirements, the company shall be entitled to request the initiator to eliminate the indicated discrepancies or to completely refuse the publication of project data.

3.6. Should further discrepancies of the provided information with the specified requirements according to article 3.5. of the offer be discovered, the company is entitled to restrict access to the already published project information and to delete it without prior notice and at its sole discretion.

3.7.In case of access restriction to the project information or its deletion according to article 3.6. of the offer, the Company bears no responsibility, also not in the form of obtainment of damages, including any expenses of the initiator or others being associated with the refusal of publication of the specified information, its deletion or access restriction.

3.8. The process of providing project information is specified in the user agreement.

4. Other Contract Terms

4.1. By acting in compliance with this offer, the parties confirm that they are familiar with the terms and conditions of this offer and the user agreement, and realize the meaning of their actions, have extensive rights to exercise them and accept the terms of the offer as a whole.

4.2. This offer is regulated and interpreted in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

4.3. In case of any disputes and disagreements between the parties under this agreement, these shall be settled by negotiation, if possible. If it is not possible to settle a dispute through negotiations, disputes and disagreements may be resolved in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation before the courts at the location of the initiator.

4.4. The present offer is published in three original versions, containing the Russian, the English and the German version. In case of any discrepancies between the texts of the offer, the Russian version shall exclusively prevail.

5. Bank details of “Y2C” LLC:

Address: 125167, Moscow, St. Pilota Nesterova 5, room 8

INN (Tax-ID.): 9731022172

KPP (Reason for entry into the fiscal register): 773101001

OGRN (State Registration Number): 1197746023936

Account number of the recipient: 40702810502590002901

Correspondent bank number of the recipient: 30101810200000000593 Bank name of the recipient: “Alfa-Bank” Corp., Moscow

BIC: 044525593


General Director                                                                          P. I. Chekcheev