Processing of personal information with the help of cookies and counters

1. Cookies sent by the company website to the user's devices and by means of the user's devices, can be usedfor the purpose of providing personalized services to the user and for targeting the advertisement displayed to the user for statistical and research purposes, as well as for the improvement of the corporate website.

2. The user is aware of the fact that the devices and the software used by him to visit websites on the internet may have the function of prohibiting the use of cookies (for websites or specific websites) and deleting previously received cookies.

3. The company has the right to determine that the provision of certain areas or services of the website is only possible on the condition that the user accepts the use and the receipt of cookies.

4. The structure of a cookie, its content and its technical parameters are set by the company and may be changed without prior notice to the user.

5. The meters published by the company on the website and in the letters may be used to analyze the user's cookies, to collect and process statistical information about the use of the websites and to ensure the functionality of the website as a whole or, in particular, its individual functions. The technical parameters for the operation of the meters are set by the company and can be changed without prior notice to the user.