The children's library from Udmurtia needs new, modern books for children and the young

The children's library in Debessy has to update the inventory of books with modern children's literature. In 2018, readers donated 163 books, whereas 907 of them were sorted out due to a high degree of wear (see video).

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Hello, my name is Ekaterina.

I work in a children's library located in the center of Debessy village in the Udmurt Republic.

Our library has a very old inventory of books, there are even books that were published in the 1950s. The books are both outdated in terms of content having also become shabby due to the time and frequent use.

The village counts about 6000 inhabitants, including 1412 children. Most of the readers from this village cannot afford books because they live on a modest salary. Our activity aims to promote reading. However, for the development of our children and for their useful pastime, we do not have enough modern children's literature for preschool, primary school and adolescent children, as well as no board games. The purchase will attract more readers, children from high-risk groups and low-income families. These children won’t remain on their own and can develop creatively and spiritually.

That is the reason why we need your help. Our readers are worth good, beautiful, new books.

Unfortunately, we cannot solve this problem entirely on our own.

Please help us purchase:

  • Books worth 10,000 rubles
  • Board games worth 10,000 rubles

At the same time, we are still trying to manage it on our own. A library is not just a place to go for reading, but also a center for leisure activities.

We organize various events such as: poetry classes, information hours, exhibitions, quests, actions, workshops, family celebrations, “Library Night”.

The following clubs are active: “Happy reading”, “Sun twinkle”. A children's playground was set up, where children can perform and play concerts, and get to know the village facilities.

Our library has already taken part in national and regional competitions.

A project called "A Simple Wonder Called Book" was won, due to which we were able to purchase a computer and new books.

We were also winners of the "Orthodox Initiative" project competition, which allowed us to purchase a notebook and Orthodox readings.

In 2013, the children's library in Debessy was declared the best library in the republic!

In 2019, maintenance measures were carried out in the library and magazine subscriptions were signed up, financed by the municipal funds.

We are kindly asking you to support our project and help us to acquire new, modern books for children and young people.

We would like to thank everyone who responded to our call for donations!

Чермянина Екатерина Владимировна

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