Revival of the St. Nicholas Church

Let us support the revival of the St. Nicholas Church in the Nicolo-Solbinsk Nunnery of the Yaroslavl Oblast.

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The Nicolo-Solbinsk Nunnery is located in the secluded woods of the Pereslavl district of the Yaroslavl Region, far from the noise and the hectic atmosphere of the city, in the midst of the unspoilt nature. This is an ideal place for those who seek solitude and a true distance from the world for a deeper spiritual life, as well as for those who would like to relax from the hectic lifestyle, immerse into a revitalizing atmosphere, look differently at their lives, look into their souls and feel the closeness of God. The nunnery is like a lighthouse for people - having visited this place, they are revitalized and are filled with new blessed forces.

In spite of the secluded location, the nunnery is engaged in large-scale social, missionary and educational activities: an orphan home and a comprehensive school “Kind School on the Solba” which has a license and a state accreditation, as well as a professional college and a kindergarten have been created in the nunnery.

The nunnery cares for the local population, old people, children in the surrounding lonely villages, provides jobs, carries out educational and missionary work with pilgrims.

On great feasts, under the arches of the ancient nunnery, which willcelebrate its 500 years birthday in 2019, lots of people come together from every corner of Russia.

There are no cities or villages in the vicinity of the nunnery, 70 kilometers to the nearest town. Thus, it is problematic to provide them with all necessary things. The nunnery has been rebuilt from the ground up since 1999. Now, reconstruction and restoration works are ongoing in the nunnery, children are being raised, therefore the nunnery is really in need of constant help.

In the St. Nicholas Nunnery, a church is being erected in the honor of St. Nicholas and the Royal Martyrs. The project of the church has a unique Byzantine style architecture. It will be larger than other nunnery churches, for on holidays, prayers do not fit in the existing small churches.

In the 15th century, the first church in the nunnery was dedicated to St. Nicholas - it was made of wood; later this church was burned by the Poles.

In 1711, the construction of a new church began, also

wooden with a chapel in honor of the Great Martyr Barbara. In 1804, the St.

Nicholas church again fell into a state of disrepair, then a decision was made

to arrange a chapel of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in the refectory of the

stony Dormitory Church. The iconostasis and utensils from the wooden church

were brought here.

In 2003, on the day of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the nunnery, on 13th September, the laying of a new building including the church in the honor of St. Nicholas was completedand at the same time the main chapel of the Dormitory Church, as well as the chapel of the Beheading of John the Baptist located in the same church, were consecrated.

Summer and autumn 2003 were unusually rainy, not a single

sunny day. On the day of laying of the foundation stone of a church, the

weather was clear and nice for the first time. The clouds parted, the sun

blinded, and at 11 o’clock, after the consecration of the chapels and the laying

of the foundation stone in the church, a rainbow appeared in the sky from edge

to edge. That was the sign of God's mercy! On the same day during the liturgy,

Mother Erotiida was elevated to the rank of an abbess.

The church is waiting for its completion: it is necessary

to make an iconostasis, icon-cases, shops and acquire the necessary utensils.

From time immemorial, the whole world has been involved in the construction of churches in Russia, we offer to participate in the revival of this good pious tradition.

Религиозная организация «Николо-Сольбинский женский монастырь»

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