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The charitable trust "Happy Childhood" raises funds for Nikita Limonov for completing a rehabilitation course in a Neurologopedia Centre Lalio Plus.


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We are all different and in course of communication, we make arrangements, want to be understood and try to understand the other person. And what if we are dumb?

Nikita was born on 12 January 2014, 2610 kg of weight, 51 cm of height, the Apgar Score amounts to 2/5/7.

After birth directly, the baby was brought to the Intensive Care Unit for artificial ventilation, whereby second-degree hypoxia was diagnosed. The hospital no. 10 of the City of Ekaterinburg has become the home of mother Olga and her son Nikita for several months.

As Nikita became one and a half year, he was assigned a care level with a diagnosis second-degree CP.

Within the period of 1 to 2 years, Nikita has already completed 4 rehabilitation courses in the Centre “Healthy Childhood” where due to the experts, he learned to crawl, sit and make his first steps. As he was three years old, he learned walking independently.

Nikita is currently 5 years old. The specialists say that the baby has regenerated as far as mobility is concerned, but there is still some motoric inconfidence. NO word come out of his mouth. There are some sounds, however NO words. He is able to hear, understand, but HOW should he communicate?

Olga and Nikita turned to the Neurologopedia Centre Lalio Plus. THe specialists have recommended sensory integration therapy and exercises according to the alternative communication system (PECS-pictures).

These exercises will help NIkita to overcome Nikita’s delay of the language development. A course with a minimum term of 3 months costs 89,640 rubles.

The charity trust “Happy Childhood” appeals to people who are not indifferent to help Nikita harmonise his language of communication with this world.

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