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The charitable foundation “Families for children” — Centre for urgent help for homeless mothers, from the number of the orphans with small children and pregnant women who find themselves in an emergency situation, with the aim of preservation of the child in the family, needs your help!


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The charitable foundation “Families for Children” — is the only centre in the Irkutsk Region for urgent help to homeless mothers with small children, full age orphans, as well as the disabled from the number of orphans who find themselves in an emergency situation after having left a state institution and having disappeared from the sight of the state.

The centre (the asylum) has been operated since 2010 and is being supported by the civil initiative, without using any budgetary financial help. The daily life of the asylum is marked by the humanitarian furniture, household appliances and is being financed through the donations of citizens, mentors and counselors of the foundation.

A difficult life situation for the orphans occurs after they have been released into the independent life... into the street, since it might turn out that the flat granted to the orphan has been already occupied by other people (he is denied access although he is registered there) or his domicile is no longer existant or he has never had a flat because he is an abandoned orphan or a foundling.

The situation becomes even more complicated if orphans have small children or are pregnant. And if the orphan has no registration, therefore being not in a position to find permanent employment, and has no possibility to attend an educational institution offering a student hostel, the situation becomes hopeless.

For this reason, the foundation offers personal help to the orphans, who have left the walls of a state institution, now standing there completely helpless, and being unable to cope with real life and having passed all the instances, turned to the foundation in order to finally stand on their feet and defend their rights before the court.

The establishment of an asylum has become necessary, since the foundation has come to a conclusion — being homeless, an adult orphan is not able to change the situation himself.

It should be mentioned that exclusively legal and psychological support is not enough, whereby the state support is usually limited either to the administrative actions or expert advice. Finally, an advice can neither protect from rain, nor satisfy one’s hunger.

It is extremely difficult for single mothers, as homeless orphans with small children, to survive a crisis. Authorized and controlling state bodies mainly have a counselling function, whereby they fully control the mother in such a difficult time for the family by regular checks of availability of food, household items, etc. In case the requirements are not met, the family won’t receive any support, but a warrant on the withdrawal of children and their placement in an orphanage, from which it would then be extremely difficult to bring them back to their own families.

The volunteers of the foundation cannot watch indifferently and accept the withdrawal of children from their own families, particularly if a family can be helped at an early stage or helped out of the crisis, without separating children from their parents. In such a situation, children are subject to enormous stress having impact on their health and causing an enormous serious damage to the health of the the newborn in particular. Our common goal is supporting them at the best in the preservation of their biological families.

Children withdrawn from their mothers suffer most!

Our goal is the preservation of biological families!

(Learn more visiting our website www.semidetyam.ru)

The foundation offers wide-ranging help to orphan mothers:

— provides equipped temporary homes (for 3-6 months),

— assists in payment of processing fees for the reconstruction of documents at registry offices and city offices,

— cooperates in matters of children’s registration at the children’s institutions,

— assumes childcare during mothers’ appointments at administrative offices,

— helps mothers in finding a workplace and independent earning opportunities,

— cooperates in mothers’ immatriculation in educational institutions for the purpose of acquisition of additional qualifications,

— provides humanitarian help in form of necessary things, furniture, construction materials and commodities for home furnishings after their release from an orphanage, during the first steps of the family’s independent living either in a rented flat or in a social housing.

This is a long-term and a stable project. The preparation of the families from the number of the orphans for an independent life will remain current for a long time.

The financing issue represents the problem of the foundation.

Funds are necessary for the maintenance of the asylum, for the purchase of medicine for children, baby food, payment of state fees for the reconstruction and processing of the orphans’ documents, for sanitary articles, as well as consumer goods.

Safety of orphan mothers with small children, among them the newborn, in the asylum, as well as security of the building and the assets of the foundation is a considerable problem.

The asylum does not dispose of the own security personnel. 24h monitoring is effected by a guardian from the number of full age orphans (3 people per shift, in order). This is really insufficient. The asylum urgently requires a video surveillance system.

Please help us to collect funds for the procurement of a video surveillance system as well as the maintenance of the asylum!

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