Help Savvushka to take his first steps!

Savvushka is a sunshine kid. Our little hero. And he has cerebral palsy. Severe form. Please help us raise funds to go to Moscow for rehabilitation. Recently we are not able to cope with this on our own.

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Dear friends! Let's get acquainted, my name is Lyudmila.

I am a mum of a special boy, Savva, he is 7 years old. And we have cerebral palsy. Severe form.

We live in the Orenburg region, in the small Ponomarevsky area, Semyonovka village.

Savva doesn't walk, sit, or talk.

I made this page for a reason.

We are in need of your help, help from everyone who cares.

In a moment, we were no longer able to cope on our own; I never would have imagined that this could happen. But we live in the village and we are having a very hard time with finances.

About Savvushka.

The child’s intrauterine development was perfect, all tests and ultrasound confirmed the full and healthy development of the fetus. But, as a consequence of obstructed labor, 14 hours without amniotic fluid, squeezing of the fetus, Savva had got oxygen starvation (asphyxia of the fetus), he was born having no breath, 2/3 on the Apgar scale, epilepsy (convulsions), newborn encephalopathy of hypoxic-traumatic origin, central nervous system depression, which had adverse health permanent consequences. Doctors struggled more than 27 days to save Savva’s life. God bless, my sonny is alive, but the consequences remain severe.

Diagnosis: Infantile cerebral paralysis. Multifocal Epilepsy.

— Savva does not walk or sit by himself.

— Savva has a serious developmental delay. He doesn't talk. He is not capable to call for help. But the intelligence is completely retained.

— Has no self-care skills.

— He is not able to eat or even drink water by himself.

— Suffers from periodic epilepsy attacks.

Despite everything, Savva is a sunshine kid. There is every chance to recover in case of good medical treatment and regular exercise.

Regular exercises afford good results. At present Savva can take the toy he liked with his own small hands, he has learned to keep the balance for a short time when standing on knees. And this is a big step towards success.

We understand that treatment and rehabilitation is a long painstaking process and it will not be easy both physically and morally, but we are ready to walk this path together with our hero. And we believe Savva will succeed!

Currently, we need your help to raise funds for a flight to Moscow to receive two-week rehabilitation at the Institute of Medical Technologies. We visited this Institute 2 years ago and it brought useful results.

For a two-week trip: air tickets, transportation, accommodation, and food, we are in need of about 150,000 rubles.

We ask for help everyone who cares!

We are very grateful to you for your attention to us, compassion, and even small material assistance. Thank you so much!

Старкова Людмила Михайловна

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