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My name is Arutynyan Tamara. In 2000, I met with an accident, now I am wheelchair bound. My greatest hobby is fencing. I would be grateful if you helped me buying a sports wheelchair.

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My name is зовут Arutynyan Tamara Vartanovna, I am 43 years old.

In 2000, I met with an accident and got a spine injury. Since then I have been wheelchair bound. However, I haven’t given up, working, doing sports, travelling.

My latest hobby is wheelchair fencing. As I found out that a sports group for this kind of sport was founded in our city, I did not hesitate to try it and I was fascinated. In 2017 and 2018, I won a silver and a bronze medal in the Russian championship competitions. In 2018, I was granted the title of a master of sports in fencing.

Wheelchair fencing requires special equipment for the sportsman. These are the swords themselves, cords for connection to the devices, protective masks, jackets, electric aprons to protect the sportsmen's feet, supports the wheelchairs are fixed to.

Assistance in procurement of all necessary equipment is provided by the State Institution RO "PASSh-27", School no. 27 in Rostov-on-Don. However, sports wheelchairs for fencing are still unavailable, so trainings are held in standard wheelchairs. This significantly complicates the development of our sporting success; the fencing wheelchair has another sitting position; there is a special handle to hold on during a battle; this wheelchair offers more opportunities for fencing maneuvers. Unfortunately, we do not have an opportunity to purchase such special wheelchairs for fencing, since they are not cheap.

Я am kindly asking you to support us in the procurement of a sports wheelchair for fencing.

I am grateful to all who will respond to my request!

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